Safety Rules of Bounce

We are delighted to welcome you back to Inflato Stoke.

We've implemented some changes to keep everyone safe within our park in light of the Covid-19 situation:

  • Hand sanitiser stations at appropriate locations throughout the park
  • Increased cleaning schedules throughout the park
  • Newly installed Perspex screens at our reception desks
  • New safety measures to ensure social distancing is maintained
  • Reduced capacity
  • COVID-19 hygiene and safety signs in our park offering guidance on how to stop the spread of the virus
  • Temperature checks for all guests & team members before they enter the building
  • Social distancing floor signs
  • Comprehensive weekly disinfectant fogging of inflatable to manufacturers standards

Inflato Stoke Interactive Air Park

General Safety Rules of Bounce

Always watch out for other bouncers, bounce within your abilities and follow the rules.

General Rules

  • Anyone who is on the premises to bounce must have watched the safety instructional video and signed the waiver.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 must have the waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian.
  • Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to the park.
  • Do not bounce if you are or may be pregnant.
  • Do not bounce if you have an injury or any other health related issues that could result in your injury or cause injury to others.

Do not use the inflatables if you have any history of back, neck or brittle bone conditions.

Where possible remove glasses.

Age & Other Restrictions

Any person using the Main Arena must be aged 1 or over and be able to walk without help. 

Non Walkers/ Babies in arms are NOT allowed in the Main Arena unless during a Baby & Toddler Session. See Toddler & Parent section below.

Children aged 1 – 4 years MUST be accompanied and supervised by a full paying adult aged 16yrs+ at ALL TIMES when taken into the Main Arena. ( see toddler and parent section below)

Children aged 14 years and under must be accompanied by an adult aged 16+ at all times whilst on our premises. It is NOT Inflato Stoke Interactive Air Parks staff members responsibility to supervise your child/ren. YOU are responsible for the supervision and safety of your own child/ren at ALL times

The maximum permitted weight for participation in the Activities within the Inflatable Air Park is 127kg/ 20 stone

Toddler & Parent Sessions

These sessions are for under 5’s ONLY. Children aged 5 years and above are not permitted on these specialist sessions.

Pre school children under 5 years will be allowed into the Main Arena but must be accompanied and supervised by and adult aged 16yrs + ALL TIMES when in this area of the Air Park.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE are children on these sessions to be left alone in the main arena area. 

It is your responsibility to supervise the safety of your child AT ALL TIMES whilst on our premises as well as when using the inflatable areas of the Air Park.

Please pay special attention to all the safety notes for each feature contained within the Air Park Main Arena Area. These will still apply.

Objects Clothing and Accessories

For safety and hygiene all bouncers must wear socks at ALL times. Non Slip socks are strictly prohibited on the Inflatable Air Park.

Guests must be suitably clothed and covered to help prevent friction burns.

Remove all items from pockets before entering the Arena.

All bouncers must wear the supplied entry wristband for the session they are attending.

Lockers are available for valuables, bags and items of clothing.

Items NOT permitted on or in the Inflatable Area:

Belt buckles
Clothing studs
Key chains & keys
Pin Badges & other sharp objects
Mobile phones/cameras
Other electrical items
Chewing gum, sweets
Food & drink

Do not leave clothing on the inflatables we have lockers available to use for storage of personal items. Anyone found leaving clothing in the Inflatable area will be asked to exit and remove the item.

Bags, purses, wallets are not allowed in the inflatable area.

Bouncing Instructions

  • Always bounce within your ability to stop injury to yourself or other bouncers.
  • Do not attempt anything beyond your own ability.
  • Be aware of those around you, it’s your responsibility to avoid others especially smaller bouncers.
  • Never sit or lie down in the inflatable arena, please exit the area should you need to rest.
  • Customers are not permitted to touch, climb, lean or hang off any netting this includes the basketball hoops.
  • DO NOT bounce in the entry and exit areas of the Inflatable Air Park.
  • NO climbing on the walls between activities or around the outside of the arena.
  • Always land on two feet, landing on one foot increases the chance of foot or ankle injuries to you or others, and never bounce or land on any of the padding and never land on your head.
  • If you are falling out of control try to bring your arms, legs and head into a ball position.
  • Do not go on a section of the park if you see it’s deflated and alert the nearest member of staff immediately.
  • If an area of the inflatable park starts to deflate DO NOT PANIC. CALMLY move away from this area to the nearest inflatable section and wait for the nearest Arena Supervisor to inflate the deflating/deflated section.
  • In the unlikely event that the entire inflatable park begins to deflate, calmly and slowly make your way to the entrance and exit area of the inflatables and exit. An Arena Supervisor will instruct you when it’s safe to re-enter.

Air Park Specific Features Bouncing Instructions


  • Always maintain at least 3 points of contact (two hands and a foot or two feet and a hand) away from the person in front of you when climbing.
  • Only one user per climbing lane at any given time.
  • It is forbidden to stand up on the platform at the top.
  • DO NOT slide down the climb lane.
  • When using the slides you must cross your arms over your chest and cross legs whilst descending.
  • Always go down the Slide feet first and sit in the centre of the lane.
  • Always make sure your exit is clear before descending.
  • You must leave the landing are immediately after riding the Slide.
  • No riding on laps when descending the Slides.
  • No climbing or running up the Slide lanes.

Bungee Run

  • You MUST wear the safety neck braces and padded headgear provided when running the Bungee Run. Should there not be any available DO NOT attempt to use the feature and alert an Arena Supervisor.

Gladiator Podium

  • You MUST wear the safety neck braces and padded headgear when using the Gladiator Podium. Should there not be any available DO NOT attempt to use the feature and alert an Arena Supervisor.
  • NO Head shots are permitted.

Base Jump & Drop Slide

  • When jumping on the Base Jump you must always cross your arms and jump to land on your bottom.
  • Always make sure the person before you has completely exited the Base Jump before jumping.
  • You must leave the landing areas immediately.
  • Only one person jumping on the Base Jump at a time.
  • No bouncing in and around the exits of the drop slide.
  • When using the Drop Slides you must cross your arms over your chest and cross legs whilst descending.
  • You must go down the Drop Slides feet first and sit in the centre of the lane
  • Always make sure your exit is clear before descending.
  • No riding on laps when descending the Drop Slides.
  • No climbing or running up the Drop Slide lanes.


  • Running, racing & playing tag.
  • Wrestling, tackling & rough play.
  • Flips, somersaults and other gymnastics.

Spitting, profanity and arguing with Arena Supervisors are strictly prohibited and you will be asked to leave immediately.

As extra safety precautions Inflato Stoke Interactive Air Park operates a ‘Sin Bin’ system.

  • Should anyone be doing any of the above which DOESN’T require immediate removal from the inflatable but just a caution they will be told to exit the inflatable for 5 minutes, given the reason why by one of our Arena Supervisors and asked to re watch our Safety Video Briefing again.
  • After the time has expired they will be allowed back onto the inflatable Air Park.
  • Should they be caught in a second incident they will be given their final warning and told to leave the inflatable Air Park for 10 minutes, again given the reason for their removal and and asked to re watch our Safety Video Briefing again.  
  • On re-entering the inflatable Air Park they will be cautioned that this is their final re-admission.
  • Should they be caught a 3rd time they will be told to leave the inflatable Air Park immediately, be given the reasons as to why and will NOT be allowed back onto that or any other session that day.

The above system is in place for the safety and well being of all of our patrons. It is not there to be abused by any customer. Should our any of our Arena Supervisors feel that the behaviour warrants immediate removal WITHOUT using the full Sin Bin system Stoke Interactive Air Park reserves the right to do so.

No monetary refund or compensation will be given for anyone that has been subject to the Sin Bin system.

The Arena Supervisors word is final on any inappropriate behaviour or bouncing.

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